• New Strategic Partnership with WWT

    We are excited to announce a new partnership between ES Cyber Solutions and WWT, a leading provider of technology solutions. This partnership will empower us to enhance our service offerings and provide customers with cutting-edge capabilities on the Zscaler platform, a robust cloud security solution.

    What is Zscaler?

    Zscaler is a cloud-native security platform specifically designed to safeguard your organization's networks, applications, and data from advanced threats. With its comprehensive protection, Zscaler enables secure access to the internet and cloud applications while ensuring the utmost security for your sensitive information.

    Key Benefits of Zscaler Services:

    1. Enhanced Security: Zscaler offers advanced threat protection, data loss prevention, and secure access controls, providing real-time defense against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.
    2. Cloud-Based Solution: Leveraging Zscaler's cloud-native architecture, you can enjoy seamless scalability, reduced complexity, and faster deployment across your organization's infrastructure, including remote offices and mobile devices.
    3. Improved Performance: By utilizing Zscaler's global cloud infrastructure, your employees can experience faster and more reliable access to critical applications and resources, ultimately enhancing productivity and user experience.
    4. Simplified Compliance: Zscaler helps you meet regulatory requirements by providing granular visibility, control, and reporting capabilities, ensuring your organization remains compliant with data protection and privacy regulations.

    Why Choose ES Cyber Solutions for Zscaler?

    At ES Cyber Solutions, we take pride in our commitment to cybersecurity innovation. Through our partnership with WWT, we can offer you the expertise and support needed to implement and optimize the powerful Zscaler security solution. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and develop a customized Zscaler deployment strategy.

    Whether you require assistance with Zscaler deployment, migration, or ongoing management, our dedicated team is prepared to guide you every step of the way. We are committed to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction, making your organization's security our top priority.

    To learn more about ES Cyber Solutions' Zscaler services or to schedule a consultation, please contact our sales team at We are eager to discuss how Zscaler can bolster your organization's security posture and protect your digital assets.

    Thank you for your continued trust in ES Cyber Solutions. We look forward to serving you with our expanded range of services and helping you navigate the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

  • Daniella Beraldo named "Director, Channel Sales"

    November 18, 2022

    Daniella Beraldo has been a vital part of the ES Cyber Solutions success since before she was even officially part of our organization while she ran the Professional Services Business at Forcepoint which utilized our team for 85% of services executed.  In June of 2018 Daniella joined our team as Sr. Account Manager.  Due to her years of experience in the Channel and her extensive expertise, we are happy to announce that Daniella is now our
    Director of Channel Sales.

    We are looking forward to renewed vision and emphasis in our Channel relationships and the success that comes when we serve our Partners' customers well!

  • ES Cyber Solutions at RSA!

    San Francisco, June 6, 2022 - Last week Daniella Beraldo (Sr. Account Manager) and Jim Brown (Director of MSSP) attended RSA Conference 2022, at the Moscone Center. 

    After a long hiatus, since February 2020, it was an amazing experience to see that many professionals congregated to get a glimpse of industry trends. The expo halls were packed with booths, all the well-established big players in the industry, as well as hundreds of new and upcoming companies. It was a great opportunity to network and to finally meet face to face those with whom we partner almost daily. 

    A huge shout out to Tim Brunn, Wayne Bergland, Joe Deegan and Tony Marini (Forcepoint). 

  • ESPO Systems is now ES Cyber Solutions!!

    ESPO Systems is proud to announce new branding & identity moving forward and into the future effective May 1, 2022.  


    Since 2009, ESPO Systems has built a solid reputation within the cybersecurity channel ecosystem.  We’ve helped vendors, partners, distributors alike to successfully implement cutting-edge technology. Over 10,000 of their customers and counting.


    This legacy heritage is important to us; it built us. But we’ve been changing since 2017. We have evolved into a full 24x7 managed service offering as well, growing exponentially from our professional services success.  


    There is a severe shortage of security engineers, architects, analyst, administrators, and a constant negative unemployment in the cybersecurity industry. It’s not going away.  Our Partners and Customers alike keep coming back to us for expertise in managing the solution we helped them deploy. Sometimes years later. A need for remote management emerged and changed our company.


    So, we are representing this company and industry evolution with a new brand. A nod to our past heritage but we also wanted to encapsulate the optimistic future of a managed cyber world with security, defense and protection confidently in place. Solving everyday problems and minimizing risk.


    Thus, we are very excited to be now branded ES Cyber Solutions with our new logo & Identity attached:

  • Zoom

    March 30, 2020 - Many of our customers are aware of recent security concerns around Zoom meetings.  In particular, a phenomenon called "zoombombing".  On March 30th, ESPO Systems incorporated this practice in our ongoing Employee Awareness Training and Recognition Programs. Policies and procedures have been put into place to make sure that Zoom meetings hosted by ESPO Systems remain secure.


    Additionally, Zoom has recently released updates to its software (April 5th) enhancing the solution's capabilities for securing the ever-growing number of online meetings using their platform.   ESPO Systems has updated all of our Zoom clients with the newest release which includes a password requirement for entering meetings.  If you have previously scheduled Zoom meetings with an ESPO engineer, you should be receiving an updated meeting invitation with the password.  If you don't see the password or receive an updated invitation including your meeting’s password, please reach out to our team to have us resend.


    Worth noting that this issue is not specifically unique to Zoom, but rather is simply tied to Zoom in recent months due to the platform's success.  ESPO Systems remains confident in the security of using this platform to conduct ongoing business with our partners and our customers.  If you have additional concerns, however, we are ready and able to accommodate using a different platform that will work for all parties on your project(s).

    ESPO Systems is very confident we can deliver our services privately & securely with Zoom.  We are flexible and can also deliver on other platforms requested by a partner or customer.  Just let us know!

  • ESPO Systems @ RSA 2020 San Francisco, CA

    February 24, 2020 - Jim Brown (Director of MSSP), Daniella Beraldo and Jaryd Hickman (Sr. Account Managers) attended RSA Conference 2020, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.  RSA continues to be the largest conference in the Cybersecurity world and gives us the opportunity to meet  with our vendors to discuss business growth and new and innovating opportunities ahead of us. Big shout out to Richard Maigue (Carahsoft), Ana Meneguel (Forcepoint) and  Brian Verenkoff (Cisco-Duo Security)

  • ESPO Systems' Executives @ Austin, Texas

    February 11, 2020 - ESPO's VP of Operations Brian Quade and VP of Sales Matt Sarnie join ESPO's Sales team (Alex McQuirter, Daniella Beraldo and Jaryd Hickman) for dinner, on a rare cold night in Austin, TX.  For the next two days, they have scheduled visits to key vendor Forcepoint and strategic partner SHI International.

  • ESPO Systems' Sales Team @ Austin, TX

    November 7, 2019 - Alex McQuirter, Jaryd Hickman and Daniella Beraldo welcome ESPO's VP of Sales Matt Sarnie to Austin, TX, in preparation for our Quarterly Business Review with SHI International.

  • ESPO Systems @ Cyber Resilience Summit Dallas, TX

    October 28, 2019 - Alex McQuirter (Account Manager) attended Mimecast's Cyber Resilience Summit in Dallas, TX and met with Christina Van Houten, Mimecast's Chief Strategy Officer.

    "Thank you Mimecast for a great inaugural Cyber Resilience Summit in Dallas, TX! This year’s event was filled with inspiring speeches, great people, education, and helpful insights on trends we will see in the industry. Can't wait to see what is in store for the next CRS 2020 Oct. 6-8 in Chicago near our HQ!"

  • ESPO Systems @ CDW Chandler, AZ

    October 7, 2019 - Daniella Beraldo (Sr. Account Manager) presenting at CDW's Professional Services Roadshow in Chandler, AZ.  Big shout out to Rick McCommon (TSA) for organizing a dynamic and interactive event and to both Rick and  Alex Gellineau (Security SA) for being our champions @ CDW.

    "It was a pleasure present to the Sales Team based in the Chandler, AZ office.  It was also a validation to the hard work that we've been doing in continuously developing our partnership."

  • ESPO Systems @ Zscaler San Jose, CA

    September 19, 2019 - Daniella Beraldo (Sr. Account Manager) and Nick Villarreal (Sr. Security Engineer) visiting Zscaler's San Jose office to empower and strengthen our continuous partnership.  Special shout out to Huxley Dunsany (ISE), Tracey Thomas (Acccount Manager) and Joe Tutle (SDR) for their relentless support to our business!

  • ESPO Systems @ Forcepoint Austin, TX

    August 15, 2019 - Jaryd Hickman (Sr. Account Manager), Alex McQuirter (Account Manager) and Valerie Esposito (ISR) celebrating our continuous and successful partnership with Forcepoint at our team happy hour!

  • ESPO Systems @ Global Leadership Summit 2019 Austin, TX

    August 7, 2019 - Alex McQuirter (Account Manager) attended GLS'19 in Austin.

    "It’s always worth the time investing in your personal growth. I recently had a tremendous opportunity to learn from some of the most influential leaders in the world at the Global Leadership Summit. Walking away with an empowered new vision of what our organization can accomplish as a team!"

  • ESPO Systems @ Black Hat 2019 Las Vegas, NV

    August 6-8, 2019 - Jim Brown (Director of MSSP) and Daniella Beraldo (Sr.Account Manager) attended Black Hat USA 2019 Conference, at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV.  Amazing opportunity to learn about new trends and upcoming technologies  in Cybersecurity.  Also great to see old friends/colleagues and discuss business growth opportunities ahead of us. Big shout out to Brian Verenkoff (Cisco-Duo Security) and Mark Buvari (Nominet)

  • ESPO Systems - 10 Year Anniversary

    July 29, 2019ESPO Systems is celebrating its 10th year in business this month.  We’ve successfully deployed over 6000+ engagements to date and have realized over 350%+ growth over the past 6 years.  In the past 3 years, we’ve seen a substantial uptick in our accelerated growth rate.


    Our beginnings were humble and we remain humble, thankful and grateful.  We started out in 2009 just like any other IT Security reselling partner.  But we quickly realized there was a significant value void within the channel selling ecosystem: Professional Services.  Both vendors and reselling partners needed help.  We quickly pivoted as a complete professional services company.


    As we continue to grow, we will always be an engineering-heavy organization.  We will always align ourselves carefully with Gartner leading world-class cybersecurity vendors and partners.


    As we enter our 10th year, we again see a value void.  This time within managing cybersecurity.  Vendors, Partners & Customers we’ve deployed for, keep coming back to us asking for help.  Thus, ESPO MSSP was born in 2016 and accelerated in late 2017 now over 300%+ growth. 


    It’s a people problem.  There simply are not enough security engineers, architects and analysts to manage world-class cybersecurity technology organizations have invested in.  The negative unemployment in cybersecurity is staggering.  Industry article upon article validates this over and over.  Does not matter what city you are in, big or small.  We see it everywhere.


    We believe Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will change technology for the better.  But we also believe and invest in humans.  Humans will remain the core of our business model.


    As we look forward to our next 10 years.  Know this: we are all about happiness and immediate value.  We want our valued vendors, distributors, partners and end-user customers to be happy they involved ESPO Systems within the channel sales cycle. 


    ESPO Systems will always do our very best to leverage our expertise; ensure technology is deployed & managed correctly within a customer’s production environment as quickly as possible.


    When you add ESPO Systems into the mix (at any level), it’s a win all around, everyone ends up happy.


  • ESPO Systems @ Palo Alto Networks Ignite'19

    June 3-6, 2019 - Daniella Beraldo (Sr. Account Manager) attended Palo Alto Networks' Ignite'19 Conference at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, TX. It was an amazing opportunity to meet not only the Palo Alto team, but also many of our current (and some of our future) partners.  Big shout out Richard Maigue, Sales Director @ Carahsoft and to Tate Luesebrink, Regional Sales Director @ Demisto - a Palo Alto Networks company - for being true partners to ESPO Systems!

  • ESPO Systems & DynTek - a new and exciting partnership!

    May 13, 2019 - ESPO Systems is proud to announce a new partnership with DynTek.  DynTek (a CRN Tech Elite top 250 company) is based in Orange County, California but has extensive enterprise cybersecurity consulting in both the west and east regions of the US.  ESPO Systems will be enhancing & supplementing DynTek’s formidable technical bench for white hot Next Generation Firewalls.  Specifically, Gartner Leading Palo Alto Networks and Fortinet  Together, we look forward to making sure cybersecurity works the way it’s supposed to.  ESPO Systems & DynTek, a win all around for vendors & customers.

  • Welcoming Valerie Esposito to the ESPO Team!

    May 6, 2019 - ESPO Systems is very proud to announce Valerie Esposito has joined our Sales Organization as an Inside Sales Representative (ISR) based out of our downtown Chicago office.  Valerie graduated in 2017 from CU Boulder with a BS in Business Marketing. She had been working at Yelp the past year and a half as an Account Executive, connecting businesses to their target markets through advertising. She looks forward to bringing her strong sales acumen and energy to the team. At ESPO Systems, Valerie will be reigniting client relationships and understanding how we can help them further.  Specifically focused on ESPO managed security services provider (MSSP) and supplemental services (ESSS) signature offerings.


    “I have been around ESPO Systems for many years and have even worked for another division of ESPO in the past. I have always enjoyed the company culture at ESPO Systems, and the unique skill set that each employee brings. I’m truly excited to be part of an organization whose efforts are focused on solving “the people problem”.   A lack of cybersecurity experts to support technology they’ve invested in.” – Valerie Esposito

  • ESPO Systems @ Symantec SKO

    April 16, 2019 - Daniella Beraldo (Sr Account Manager) & Matt Sarnie (VP of Sales) attended Symantec's Sales Kick-Off at the Wynn, in Las Vegas, NV.  We want to thank the Symantec Consulting and ISO teams for the opportunity, we're looking forward to growing this amazing partnership together!

  • Welcoming Jaryd Hickman to the ESPO Team!

    March 11, 2019 - We're very proud to announce that Jaryd Hickman has joined our Sales Organization as a Sr. Account Manager. Jaryd comes to us most recently from HotSchedules. Jaryd brings 6 years of technology and cyber security experience to ESPO, previously working for other notable organizations like GE, Macy’s, Personify and Forcepoint. Native Texan and Austinite of 8 years, his addition bolsters ESPO’s strong presence in the capital of the Lone Star State. Jaryd also stays active in his community as a member of the local music sustainability non-profit, Black Fret, along with co-founding his own non-profit, BLKNRD. At ESPO Systems, Jaryd will be responsible for managing and growing key vendor, distributor, partner, and end-user relationships. Please help us welcome Jaryd to our team!


    “Working with ESPO on a daily basis during my time at Forcepoint, my clients and I always experienced high-character, high-performing cyber-security professionals. ESPO’s dedication to understanding the needs of the customer and the ability to deliver quick, efficient deployments consistently led to win-win outcomes for everyone. No other cyber-security services provider is providing this much value to its vendors, sales reps, partners and end-users. I am beyond excited to be joining the ESPO team!!”

  • ESPO SKO-2019 in beautiful San Diego

    January 31, 2019 - SKO-19 - ESPO Sales Kick Off officially in the books! Great time in beautiful San Diego; team building and collaborating for success in 2019. 

  • New Year, New Branding

    January, 16, 2019 Happy New Year to our valued vendor, distributor, partner and end-user customers!  ESPO Systems is constantly evolving and transforming.  This is because we must constantly improve delivering VALUE to you at all 4 levels within the channel selling ecosystem. 


    You will notice new ESPO branding to coincide with 2019.  You may occasionally see changes in our social media, marketing efforts and web presence this year.  We hope you like our new unified branding as we feel it better reflects who we are and what we do.  ESPO Systems exist to make sure cybersecurity works the way it should.  And to make YOU shine to your customer.

  • A Christmas Message from ESPO Systems

    December 12, 2018 - We want to take this time to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


    And to take this opportunity to update you on what is happened in the past year at ESPO Systems as well as provide an update into 2019. 


    We feel very fortunate to provide you our services as a valued customer or partner.  We truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you and to ensure your investment in cybersecurity is deployed correctly with high performance within your unique enterprise.


    ESPO Systems has made some thoughtful changes and experienced significant growth over the past year.  We increased our investment in our engineering, managed service (MSSP), operations, customer service, sales and marketing teams.  And we continue to invest in key world class vendors, distributors, partners and end-users.  We’ve expanded our deep expertise within Cloud, Data, Web, Email, Endpoint and Network Security.  Our cybersecurity vendor portfolio is robust.  Our commitment to various deployment & management offerings remain mostly remote, low cost and high value.


    If we have deployed your cybersecurity previously and you now have new technical requirements, M&A activity, upgrades, expansions, etc.… we can easily help you again.


    We’ve also noticed a growing trend:  a people problem.  There is world class technology out there, but there are simply not enough security engineers, analysts and architects to go around.  There is negative unemployment in our industry with 3 million open jobs in cybersecurity.  Analyst Gartner predicted correctly that in 2018 over 50%+ of all organizations would leverage a managed security service.  Because of this, ESPO Systems is proud to offer ESPO MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider).  We are also providing cybersecurity staff augmentations.  Our parent company ESPO Corp has been placing engineers for over 50+ years.


    For 2019, we envision even more organizations looking towards MSSPs and Staff Augmentations to neutralize the growing people problem.  A technology we are very keen on and have spun up in our labs is CASB (Cloud Access Security Brokers).  CASB is the fastest growing cybersecurity solution and we see a direct correlation and integration in Web Security and DLP.


    We again wish you very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New year.  This is the best time of the year, a time to spend with friends and family.  A time to reflect on the year past and the year ahead. 

    ESPO Systems Believes.

  • ESPO Systems announces another addition to Sales Team

    June 7, 2018 - We're very proud to announce that Daniella Beraldo has joined our Sales Organization as a Sr. Account Manager. Daniella comes to ESPO with over 16 years of experience in the IT industry, having worked for IBM Canada, Hewlett-Packard Co. and Forcepoint. For the past 10 years, she’s had a strong focus on end-user and partner relationship management and professional services. Most recently, responsible for successfully shaping and managing vendor white label programs; developing best practices and growth strategy. At ESPO Systems, Daniella will be responsible for managing and growing key vendor, distributor, partner and end-user relationships. Please help us welcome Daniella to our team!


    “Based on my experience with working with ESPO Systems for the past 4 years, I have developed a deep respect for their ethics, the professionalism of every employee I have worked with and how dedicated they are to understanding customer needs and being a true partner in selling cybersecurity solutions. When the time came for me to seek a new opportunity, it was only natural that I would reach out to ESPO Systems. I am truly excited to be joining the ESPO Systems team and I look forward to helping them continue in their path to success and growth.”

    - Daniella Beraldo

  • Q1-18 QBR Completed

    Even if most of our crew is dispersed throughout North America and EMEA, (most joined us online), we had a great Q1 QBR last month. Good things ahead with ESPO! Great team to serve the cyber security world with.

    • Front Row from L-R: Brian Hyde (Intern), David Valauskas (Forcepoint STUD), Nicholas Villarreal (Zscaler BU leader), Thomas Head (Forcepoint STUD)
    • 2nd Row from L-R: Samuel Vargas (Forcepoint STUD), Matt Dudlo (Symantec BU leader), Kevin Bell (Proofpoint BU leader & Bitdefender Engineer), Amber Quade (Project Coordination), Kyle Trokey (Intern)
    • Standing in Back L-R: Jonathan Sims (Intern), Lee Kahler (Training Coordinator)
  • ESPO Floor day at Forcepoint

    ESPO's Suzie BurdetteAlex McQuirter hosting an after hours event after a week at Forcepoint HQ in Austin

  • ESPO Announces New Addition to our Sales Team!

    January 22, 2018 - ESPO Systems is proud to announce that Alex McQuirter is joining the ESPO Systems sales team.  Alex previously worked as a Sales Account Manager @ Forcepoint.  He is very familiar with not only ESPO Systems, but also our channel partners.  Alex’s strong skills in new business development, sales pipeline creation, partner facilitation and lead generation will help ESPO Systems grow in 2018.  Specifically, helping partners, prospects and existing customers with performance tuning, version upgrades and MSSP.  Alex was selected as a “Face of Forcepoint” as is featured on Forcepoint’s website.  Not only is he a good sales rep, but also a good person; involved in the community as a youth basketball coach, in addition to being a contributing member of the Katherine Murriel Education Fund, OWN I.T., BLKNRD, and the International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals.

    "ESPO quickly earned my trust as the best team to implement & manage information security technology for my clients over the past 5 years. Trustworthiness is key in our industry, so I couldn't have imagined a better fit! Together, with my new ESPO family, we will provide businesses with a truly Happy New Year by optimizing their security posture; protecting them from the world’s biggest threats!”.

    – Alex McQuirter

  • ESPO Systems Announces New Director of MSSP

    December 4, 2017 - ESPO Systems is very proud to announce that Jim Brown will be joining our team as Director of MSSP.  Jim was previously Director of Consulting Services at Forcepoint.  Jim brings with him over 10 years of Forcepoint experience along with deep technical knowledge of TRITON implementation, integration, architecture and best practices.  Additionally, his well-rounded skills with consulting, professional services and managed services will help ESPO Systems substantially grow our top 2018 growth priority business unit -  ESPO Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP).

    About ESPO Systems - ESPO Systems located in Willowbrook, IL is a division of ESPO Corporation.  ESPO Systems provides cybersecurity services and solutions designed to address a client’s complex security needs.  Specifically, professional services & managed security services provider (MSSP).  Representing 6 leading cybersecurity vendors & their partners, with over 40+ engineers doing dozens of deployments per week.  Since 2009, ESPO Systems has successfully performed professional services remotely or onsite at over 3000+ customers across the globe.  We deploy cutting edge technology quickly, successfully and with immediate time to value.  ESPO Systems - Cybersecurity Deployed & Managed by Experts.

  • ESPO Announces new VP of Sales

    June 20, 2017 - ESPO Systems is proud to announce that Matt Sarnie is joining our team as VP of Sales.  Matt comes to us most recently from CrowdStrike.  He has previously worked for other notable vendors like Quest Software (acquired by Dell), CipherTrust / Secure Computing (acquired by McAfee), M86 Security (acquired by Trustwave) and Forcepoint.  His IT and CyberSecurity Sales career spans over 18 years and touches all phases of the vendor distribution, channel and end-user selling model.  Matt has experience in all four areas of selling and will be based out of Phoenix, AZ which makes him a strategic addition for ESPO Systems.

    Matt says of his choice to join the ESPO Systems team:

    “I was looking for an organization that I believed I could impact in a positive way immediately.  I also wanted to work with great people and sell a service and product I truly believed in.  ESPO Systems was the first organization that came to my mind.  I leveraged ESPO Systems extensively when I was a Sr. Enterprise Account Manager at Forcepoint.  I had first hand knowledge of how ESPO Systems deployments resulted in the quickest time to value.  Net result was very happy vendors, sales reps, partners and end-users.  It was always a win all around.”

  • ESPO Launches New Managed Security Services Program (ESPO MSSP)

    June 14, 2017 - Your Security Products Managed by Experts. ESPO Systems is pleased to offer our new Managed Security Services Program (MSSP) as an added feature of our services. We provide managed security services for your Forcepoint Environment, be it AP-Web, AP-Data, AP-Email or APX Core.   Also providing MSSP for your Fortinet, Palo Alto, Symantec, Fortinet and Zscaler products so that you can be assured that your network and data is protected.

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